Integrated Breed Health Program 


Announced as CKC’s strategic priority at the 2023 AGM, CKC is taking significant steps to support member breeders in the preservation of their chosen breed(s) through an Integrated Breed Health Program. 

All projects under the Integrated Breed Health Program are being developed - and will be released - in a phased, supportive manner. Make sure to keep an eye on this page, as more project elements get underway, we will update the above linked pages with our progress and key next steps! 

The Integrated Breed Health Program supports the development of five key projects.


Breeder Education

Developing eLearning courses with our Partners at Royal Canin, hosting educational webinars, and building breeding tools like a co-efficient of inbreeding calculator.

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Breeder Community Support

Reviewing and strengthening our Code of Ethics, the Member Breeder Code of Practice, our By-laws, and Policies & Procedures, developing Kennel Guidelines, and redesigning and cleaning up the Puppy List.

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Breed Health Strategies

Working with National Breed Clubs to develop Breed Health Strategies by compiling phenotypic & genotypic health testing information for all CKC recognized breeds. Plus, adding health testing information to breed pages (including the Puppy List) to make it easier for puppy buyers to talk with potential breeders about health testing.

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DNA Program

Working with external partners to provide discounted genotypic health and parentage testing to CKC members. Plus, building capacity within our online Portal for members to store their results with the rest of their dog’s profile information.

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Breeder Certification Program

Developing a breeder program that differentiates CKC member breeders, highlighting and showcasing accountable member breeders and articulating the key role member breeders play in the preservation of healthy well-bred purebred dogs.

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