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Membership in the club is based on calendar year January 1 to December 31.

If you are applying for a membership and you are a minor (under 18) a parent/guardian of the minor must complete the Signing Authority Form and upload it with this application.

A Membership can only be associated with one individual. Please complete separate Membership Applications for each individual applying.

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Categories of Membership:

  1. Basic Membership
  2. Membership Plus

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Minor Application



The Canadian Kennel Club is incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act to be responsible for the registration, preservation and promotion of all CKC recognized breeds of dogs in Canada.

The Canadian Kennel Club is a national membership organization representing purebred dog activities. The Board of Directors of The Canadian Kennel Club are elected from the membership representing their regional zones and are responsible to that membership.

In order to achieve the goals and objectives of The Canadian Kennel Club, its members agree to adhere to the following principles:

All members of The Canadian Kennel Club will comply with the By-laws, rules and regulations established by the Board of Directors of The Canadian Kennel Club and the requirements of the Animal Pedigree Act;

All members of The Canadian Kennel Club will provide their dogs with appropriate housing, food and health care;

All members of The Canadian Kennel Club will endeavour to enhance the role of the purebred dog in society as an essential member of its communities where it functions as a companion, a guardian, a healer, a hunter, a herder, a teacher and, above all, "man's best friend";

In order to preserve and enhance each breed's characteristics, The Canadian Kennel Club supports and encourages participation in shows, trials and other events. All members, whether they be exhibitors, handlers, judges or assistants will participate in such activities with honesty, fairness and integrity, ever mindful of the practice of "good sportsmanship";

Except as provided in the By-laws of The Canadian Kennel Club, all members as breeders of purebred dogs, will include in their programs, only Canadian Kennel Club registered (or registerable) stock which will strengthen the genetic pool and, thus, guarantee further progression toward the ideals of the standard, keeping authentic records of their activities;

All members of The Canadian Kennel Club will undertake the task of educating and encouraging all newcomers to the world of purebred dogs no matter their interest: pet-owner, exhibitor, trialer or breeder.

Conditions of Membership

  1. Full adherence to the CKC Code of Ethics and Code of Practice, By-laws, rules regulations, policies and procedures, basic objects and principles of the Club.
  2. No record of conviction on a charge of cruelty to animals.
  3. Non-involvement in the buying, selling or breeding of dogs which are not purebred.
  4. No record of suspension or expulsion from any foreign, CKC recognized registry body or any other body incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act.
  5. Payment of annual membership fee.

Categories of Membership

Basic Membership
  1. Full rights, responsibilities and benefits of membership with The Canadian Kennel Club
Membership Plus (previously known a Premier Membership)
  1. Full Basic membership PLUS additional unique benefits including guaranteed timely delivery of Registration Division work and free on-line advertising listings for all CKC-registered litters.
Membership Privileges
  1. Voting privileges are bestowed on a Regular member after one year. At that time, a Regular member may stand for election to the Board of Directors. The minimum voting age for a Regular Club member is 19, and voting privileges are extended to Canadian residents only.
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